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Friday 1st, 8pm

Saturday 2nd, 8pm

Sunday 3rd, 6pm


Friday 8th, 8pm

Saturday 9th, 8pm

Sunday 10th,6pm


Friday 15th, 8pm

Saturday 16th, 8pm

Sunday 17th, 6pm


Friday 22nd, 8pm

Saturday 23rd, 8pm

Sunday 24th, 6pm


$10 for students with current ID

Not intended for

anyone under 8


Adapted and Directed by Brian Newell

from the novel “The Killer Angels” by Michael Shaara

The Maverick Theater premiered “The Killer Angels, Soldiers of Gettysburg” back in May to sold out houses. Because of the overwhelming success the show returns this September with a limited four-week run.  The Maverick production is an original stage adaptation of Michael Shaara’s novel, “The Killer Angels.” Shaara used diaries, journals, letters and memoirs to recreate not only what was happening on the battlefield, but also what those who fought it were thinking, seeing and feeling. In 1975, his novel won the Pulitzer Prize, and over time, it has become the quintessential book about that crucial battle.

“The Killer Angels, Soldiers of Gettysburgbrings Shaara’s novel to life with performers in an intimate staging that focuses on the character-driven story as told from the perspective of various protagonists such as General Robert E. Lee, General James Longstreet, and Colonel Joshua Chamberlain. Through Shaara’s powerful writing, audiences become an eyewitness to history.

The American Civil War divided our country for over four years but it was one battle that change its course: Gettysburg. Fought over three days in July of 1863, Gettysburg is the largest battle in the history of the western hemisphere and became a crucial turning point in the survival of the United States as one nation.



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